Kathryn Anderson wrote her first fantasy story  — a haunted house story featuring her classmates — at the age of ten.  Since then, she’s experimented in many genres of long and short fiction.  Whatever genre she wandered into, she eventually wound her way back to paranormal mysteries, usually with a strong romantic element.

Kathryn’s favorite things when she was growing up in Oklahoma were books, music, art, technology and travel (not necessarily in that order).  She was fortunate to travel much of the United States as a child, and expanded those travel adventures to by touring Mexico with an honors choir, spending a summer in Japan between high school and college, and studying in Salzburg, Austria, through a college study-abroad program.  Upon completion of undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Kansas, Kathryn moved to Washington, DC, where she worked as a Congressional legislative aide for a few years before moving across the country to earn an MBA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, because California seemed like a fun place to spend a couple years while earning an MBA in preparation for a serious career.

Alas, Kathryn missed Washington, DC, so she returned to the city she loved and has remained there ever since, even when she was working for California-based technology companies.  For the last few years, she has put her business skills and desire to work on behalf of others to good use in the employ of a large national association.  She writes as often as possible, walks several times a day with her two energetic Jack Russell Terriers, frees her brain by visiting Washington’s many fine museums, and saves her extra money so that she can travel the world, attend many plays, concerts and music festivals, and buy really cool gadgets.

Kathryn is an active member of the Washington Romance Writers, an organization where she has been retreat chair, contest chair, vice president, member of the Board of Directors, and was a two-term president.  In 2010, the Washington Romance Writers awarded her its Above and Beyond Chapter Service Award.  A strong advocate of volunteerism, Kathryn has reduced her own volunteer time to allow others the opportunity to step forward.  Kathryn has re-allocated that time back to writing.

A lifelong writer, Kathryn has written many short stories and several books over the years.  After completing a romantic suspense novel, Kathryn decided to return to the sort of fantasy adventures she loved so much and wrote the first in her Mage series, The Black Swan.  A few months ago, she completed The Mage Faerie War.  Kathryn is now pondering which of Sorcha and Fiona’s siblings or cousins she might feature in the